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Bertolini Sanctuary Seating manufactures the best church chairs and chairs for the worship facilities and sanctuaries made in the USA.

Bertolini Hospitality & Design manufacturers the best banquet chairs and stack chairs for hotels, convention centers and restaurants made in the USA.

Check out if you're looking for value in a church chair but don't want to give up the quality and service of a USA built church chair.

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Our passion for integrity, relationship and innovation is the bedrock of Bertolini Inc. and the work we do to support your significant mission.


The challenges faced by local congregations today are significant. We know that you face rapid change, up and down economic realities, social uncertainty and a growing diversity in the way people think about faith. We know that you need value; that's why we listen to you. With you in mind, we engineer and manufacture products that are flexible, durable
and aesthetically beautiful. We lead the way in ergonomically correct comfort with the proprietary Ergo V Back. We introduced the industry's strongest radius frame. We continue to lead the market in the use of environmentally friendly blow molded seats;
and we are the only company featuring maintenance free self-tightening BosScrew™ technology.


It's not just our three generations of experience, our innovative approach to manufacturing or our pioneering spirit in applied-design that makes us the leading manufacturer of sanctuary seating. It's people passionate about serving the church with excellence. It's true that the way we build chairs with the church in mind can seem a little over zealous; after all, some would say, "it's only a chair." But to us it's much more; it's part of your church's vision for your community.


Reaching a media saturated generation takes a focused creativity on your part; after all, our entire world has instant access to more knowledge than ever before. We know church chairs and we know the kind of value you need to make a purchase that you won't regret. We have one of the best web sites available, but we know that there are times a personal touch is needed and reassuring. From helping you sift through the information, to well beyond the sale, our team is just a phone call away.

That's the Bertolini Difference.

The #1 church chair in the worship market